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      What people say about the course

      It's a much needed course for the public and decriminalization activist.

      I have had a transformative experience with drug decriminalization and I cannot recommend the course enough. The course provided me with a deep understanding of the societal impacts of drug criminalization and equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for change [...] Overall, it was a valuable learning experience that has inspired me to actively work towards creating a more just and equitable society.

      Still very much enjoying the material and grateful for this resource!

      The course is wonderful. Congratulations, a great resource for all. I will be sharing this with lots of people. Easy to access, interesting and interactive and powerful information. Well done.

      As an activist, I learnt a lot from this course and I have been challenged to think outside the box on advocating for Drug Policy Reform (decriminalization) as well as Harm Reduction. I also learnt that this is not an end but a means to an end in saving lives, promoting and respecting human right and dignity of PWUID. As for me I am ready to go far with this knowledge i learnt. I am fully capacitated.

      The learning platform was so interactive with visuals and further explanation. Case studies or empirical examples where decriminalization has been implemented were provided which challenged me to brainstorm on what should be done for Zimbabwe to implement the decrim and to what extent can this help PWUID by learning what other countries have done so far.